Dragon Fruit and Conch, Oh My

Last weekend was Bride-to-Be’s bachelorette party in Mexico. Don’t worry rooms, I’ll only talk about the food here…

So, one of the nights we were treated to a personal cook and a bartender, compliments of Bride’s amazing future in-laws. It was about 4 p.m. when things got rolling. The team arrived bearing booze and fish. Alex, the bartender started mixing up some mojitos while Gabby and Joey started cooking. I think they cooked nonstop for five hours. Meanwhile, we worked on getting pretty for the evening and managed to take the power out with our hair dryers. Then out came round after round of deliciousness: shrimp and white fish ceviche, salmon and goat cheese on crackers, crab taquitos, guacamole and the best pico. ever. Truly an amazing feast. And we haven’t even gotten to dinner. Then there was this:


I love fruit so of course I picked one up and put it in my mouth without really caring or asking what it was. It had a hot pink rind and was next to a strawberry. That’s all I needed to know. It must be good. And it was. What a perfect thing to eat after everything else we had just stuffed our faces with. So what is it? It’s called dragon fruit (real name: “pitaya”) and it comes from a cactus. Whole, it looks like something out of The Jungle Book. It’s unique to Mexico, kinda like the conch that Ave-Dawg spent the afternoon pulling out of the ocean. She rounded up a grand total of 14. Check out the slimy little booger coming out of that shell. I think his brother may have been in the soup we ate next. Yum.



Italy has Pisa … Costa Rica has ceviche

Earlier this summer I went to Costa Rica on vacation. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. We zip lined, went deep sea fishing, white water rafting, rode horses through a river…. lots of exciting, adventurous stuff. We played, we relaxed and we ate quite well. A LOT of fish. We practically cleaned out the ocean on this trip – between the amount that we caught and how much we ate.

One of my favorites? The leaning tower of ceviche that I had for lunch (or breakfast) at the pool almost everyday. ceviche

There’s a layer of mango chunks; then mahi mahi with cilantro, onion and red pepper; then avocado – with a plantain on top. Isn’t it just pretty? Yum. And oh, so fresh.

I really want to try to recreate it. I found this recipe that is similar and uses scallops. I think I could give it a few tweaks to make it more like the tower. Not making any promises on the presentation though.

I’ll let you know how it goes….