the best beef stew
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The Best Beef Stew

First, let me apologize to all the Catholics out there for sending you beef on the first Friday of Lent. I'm truly sorry. But I thought with another cold front on the horizon you might need this for the weekend... Oh, the tease of spring... it continues. Instead of cursing the weather gods for keeping… Continue reading The Best Beef Stew

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Cauliflower, White Bean, and Leftover Soup

This soup was the unintentional product of a side dish gone horribly wrong. OK, I exaggerate, it wasn't that bad. It was just a little cauliflower mash that turned out a bit more like cauliflower baby food. So, in my attempt to salvage a botched head of cauliflower, I combined the puree with some broth,… Continue reading Cauliflower, White Bean, and Leftover Soup

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Chicken and Vegetable Soup

I'll admit I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to bearing the cold. I'm the girl in the gloves and scarf when the temperature drops to 50 degrees. And once we get near freezing and if precipitation is involved, I may not even leave the house (read: icepocalypse 2011). I'm perfectly content on… Continue reading Chicken and Vegetable Soup