health coaching

What’s a Wellness Coach?

A classmate passed along this article about wellness coaches and I think it's a great description of what they do. The article calls wellness coaches a mix of  a life coach, personal trainer and counselor. They're like the interpreters between the doctor who says, "you need to eat right and exercise 30 minutes a day"… Continue reading What’s a Wellness Coach?


The Food-Healthcare Connection

Here's something to think about. In 1960 the average household spent 17.5 percent of their income on food, while 5.2 percent of their income went to healthcare. Fast forward nearly 50 years to 2008... Last year the average household spent 9.9 percent of their income on food and 16 percent of income on healthcare. Going… Continue reading The Food-Healthcare Connection


Food Politics

In an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Michael Pollan chimes in on the healthcare debate. Bringing attention to the elephant in the room, he says there's a disconnect between two very related industries: food and healthcare. When three-quarters of heathcare spending goes to "preventable chronic disease" linked to diet, according to the Center… Continue reading Food Politics