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A Veggie-Loaded Healthy Chili

Only because it's the Super Bowl... I'm going against my better judgement and sharing my secret recipe for the perfectly balanced beef and veggie-loaded healthy chili. But, I swear, if anyone tries to go up against me in a chili cook-off with this one....we are not friends anymore... I usually make my veggie-loaded chili with… Continue reading A Veggie-Loaded Healthy Chili


Healthy? Super Bowl? Oh ya.

It's almost officially Super Bowl weekend and we all know what that means... (Yes, that is a football stadium made out of junk food, right there.) Diet. Fail. But what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way? You can have your nachos and eat them too. Literally. There is such a… Continue reading Healthy? Super Bowl? Oh ya.