What Do You Eat In A Week?

My work BFF, Jennifer sent meĀ this link. Check out the photos of families from all over the world (The U.S., Mexico, Japan, Ecuador, Mali...) surrounded by the foods they eat in a week. You can imagine how this looks already, I'm sure: Americans with pizza and potato chips and people in Mali with, well, rice.… Continue reading What Do You Eat In A Week?


Goodbye-Summer Couscous

The last official day of summer is Monday. šŸ™ Tear. I really can't believe it. Where did you go, summer? Come back ... I'm still pale! I'm not prepared for it to start getting dark at 6 p.m. And I'm really not ready to say goodbye to my loves: strawberries, peaches and, oh it breaks… Continue reading Goodbye-Summer Couscous


It’s Art

There is something so incredibly satisfying about taking a few ingredients, mixing them together and creating something delicious (especially when all the ingredients are already in your kitchen). It's art. This was the thought that passed through my head as I stirred together the black bean and corn Mexican Explosion I had just so masterfully… Continue reading It’s Art


Italy has Pisa … Costa Rica has ceviche

Earlier this summer I went to Costa Rica on vacation. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. We zip lined, went deep sea fishing, white water rafting, rode horses through a river.... lots of exciting, adventurous stuff. We played, we relaxed and we ate quite well. A LOT of fish. We practically cleaned out the… Continue reading Italy has Pisa … Costa Rica has ceviche


You’ll Never Look at Dinner the Same Way…

A little scared? Don't be. Ignorance may be bliss, but not when it's in the form of a cheeseburger giving you E. coli poisoning. Rare? Not so much. Food-related illnesses happen to an estimated 76 million Americans a year. A gross figure that could be helped with some responsibility. Food Inc., a new documentary out… Continue reading You’ll Never Look at Dinner the Same Way…