It’s Not Too Late To Make This Your Year…

make 2018 your year of your healthiest you

Spring is Coming... Now Is The Time To [RE]NEW

I've been so excited to share what I've been working on that even though it's not totally ready I just have to tell you a little about it...

[RE]NEW YEAR is my new Spring group coaching program that starts March 20 (the first day of Spring!). This program will completely change the way you look at food, diets, cravings and more.

And it will give you a solid foundation to be able to finally create the healthy lifestyle you've been wanting but maybe struggling to make last. 

The idea for [RE]NEW YEAR has been a long time in the making. I've always loved the idea of the fresh start that comes with Spring. For me it's the time of year when I get re-energized, and I rediscover certain foods and a way of living where healthy just comes easier and more naturally.

We think of January 1 as the beginning of the new year, but Spring is the real time of renewal, rebirth and revitalization.

Are you seeing where the name [RE]NEW YEAR came from??

You know what I mean though? Don't you love opening up all the windows and doors and bringing fresh air into the house on that first clear sunny day?

Have you ever felt that urge to clean out your closets and purge everything at the season change?

Do you find yourself just naturally craving more fresh, raw foods as the temps warm up?

You see, it's a natural time to RENEW.

Forget about New Year's, Spring is the [RE]NEW YEAR - it's THE time to get healthy, to start habits that are going to last, and to create a routine that makes you feel energized and more alive.

So, [RE]NEW YEAR is all about taking that natural energy and momentum of Spring and riding it all the way to your Healthiest YOU. It's about taking what we all tried at New Year's - the resolutions, the commitments, the big plans, the high hopes - and this time doing it so they last. 

What Is It?

[RE]NEW YEAR is a 4-week wellness coaching program to help you make 2018 the year you become your healthiest YOU.

We're going to harness the life-giving energy of Spring when everything (including you!) has a little more bounce and kick off 4 weeks to focus on revival starting March 20 - the first day of spring.

Here's what you'll do:

  • Set REAL goals. Learn how to set yourself up for unquestionable success from the very beginning, every time, no matter what you're working to achieve. 
  • Understand your body better. Figure out how to listen to your body so you know what it needs to feel your best.
  • Conquer cravings. Know why you have cravings for certain foods and how to rein them in.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself. Understand why you get off track and what to do when it happens again.

What Is It Not?

A diet. A detox. A cleanse. Something you do for a few weeks and go right back to those old not-so-healthy habits... I'm talking about something that's built to last - an effortlessly healthy lifestyle that becomes just something you do because it makes you feel awesome. Sounds a lot more pleasant, right?

Who Is It For?

  • If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your New Year’s resolution to get healthy, lose weight, [fill in your health goal here].
  • If you’re done with dieting and looking for something that lasts, isn’t work and doesn’t leave you feeling deprived.
  • If your cravings are out of control and keeping you from eating the way you want to be eating.
  • If you wish you could eat healthier but you’re not sure what to eat.
  • If you can’t figure out how to eat healthy without always being hungry.
  • If you want to feel more in control of your eating.
  • If you want to have more energy, lose weight, fit into your clothes better….

How Does It Work?

We're going to cram a lot of information into four weeks. That’s just the amount of time we need to break or make a habit. So, we'll dive right in with our very first kick-off call.

We’ll have a weekly conference call where I’ll cover something new and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll have constant support both from me and your accountability partner. This is someone else in the program (either who you choose or I can assign) – who is your program BFF. This will be the person by your side throughout the program. You can reach out to each other to talk, discuss, ask questions, share ideas, vent… You’ll pull each other forward along the way.

We’re all in this together - you’ll be part of a community of people on the same mission. Through our group members-only Facebook page we’ll connect and support, inspire, motivate, and help each other - because getting healthy is a team sport.

You’ll get a recipe book with my go-to easy weeknight meals, breakfast and lunch ideas and healthy snack list.

Each week I’ll also be sending you helpful materials related to that week’s something new. You’ll have a little bit of “homework” but nothing too crazy. Mostly in between calls you’ll just be focusing on eating more good-for-you foods and paying attention to your energy, digestion and how you feel overall.

Outside of our group calls you’ll have 24/7 email support and you can ask me any questions that may come up at any time

Add an optional one-on-one coaching session package so you and I can work more closely together to focus on your unique goals and specific concerns.

You have my 100% commitment to your success and helping you make your goal of becoming your healthiest you a reality.

The Details

  • The entire guided 4-week wellness program is available now for $195. This includes the complete program, all of your materials and group coaching from me.
  • Join with a friend and you’ll both get $50 off. When you refer a friend, you’ll both receive a discount and get the entire program for $145. You need an accountability partner… they can be your program BFF, too!
  • There’s a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee! If you start the program and, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, I’ve included a 14-day money back guarantee.

Optional: Add a One-on-One Coaching Package to Enhance Your Results

When you add a one-on-one coaching package you get individual coaching sessions,  just you and me, where we can dig deep and talk directly about your specific goals, challenges, sticking points and anything else you want to focus on.

This is 50 minutes focused entirely on you.

Packages include one to four sessions and can be added to your [RE]NEW YEAR program when you sign up, or you can always add coaching sessions later, too.

Reserve Your Spot Today

This is THE time of the year to start fresh, to sprout new seeds and watch them bloom... to [RE]NEW.

Are you ready?

Save your spot in the group today - email me.

Soon I'll have a page where you'll be able to sign up online (I'll let you know once that's out there) and share it with your friends so you can take advantage of the friend discount.

Have questions or want to learn more, I'd love to hear from you.

More to Come Soon!

This is all still coming together but I really just couldn't wait any longer. Spring is coming... And I'm so excited for the possibilities it has in store for all of us... More to come.

Megan Adams Brown