No more diets. 

No more restrictions. 

[RE]set your relationship with food in just 4 weeks.

[RE]NEW YEAR is here…

It’s time to [RE]NEW YOU.

Are you wondering what happened to your resolution for 2018?  Did you start the year with the best of intentions but somehow got off track? 

Maybe you did January Whole30 or another diet last month but then before you knew it you got sucked back into your old ways.

Now the chips and chocolate are back… you’re not sure the last time you worked out… and you’re feeling less than stellar…

The new year started off so good, and now you’re wondering what the heck happened?  

I’ll tell you what happened… Life happened.

Life isn’t any fun on a diet…

That’s why diets, resolutions, restrictions…  

they don’t work.

They set us up for failure from the beginning with all the rules, high expectations, unrealistic goals  and “can’ts." 

Nobody wants to live with all that.

What if you could eat healthy without feeling like you’re dieting? 

What if this whole “being healthy” thing could be easier than you think?

Make 2018 your

healthiest year yet! 

You can squash food cravings. 

And take back control of your eating.

And instead of trying not to eat the unhealthy stuff, you start to naturally crave the foods that make you feel awesome.

No more diets. No more restrictions. No more rules.  

You instinctively know what to eat because it makes you feel good. 

You’re in control and you feel better than ever… and THIS is YOUR year.

Ditch the diet. It’s time for a new perspective.

This is what I’ve learned in over a decade of “diet changes.”

It started in my early 20s when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that rocked my world.

Before that (and even into the first few years of my diagnosis) I was living the typical post-college 20-something lifestyle… happy hours, late night Whataburger and lots of Lean Cuisines.

But one day it hit me, this isn’t getting any better. In fact my symptoms were just getting worse, despite being on medications. And I knew I had to do something. So, I started researching and…


I found hope in the power of food.

I read all these incredible stories of people who had transformed their health starting with the food on their plate.

I wanted to learn as much about it as I possibly could. That’s when I became a health coach.

As I began putting into practice for myself the strategies I learned, the changes I needed to make started falling into place.

beef and veggie-loaded chili
All my fears about failing at this “diet” melted away because it didn’t feel like a diet at all. I figured out what worked and what really helped me make these changes into a lifestyle instead of just a diet.  

Turns out there really is something to it because this approach didn’t just work for me, it’s what’s made the difference for every single person I coach.

Now I want to share it with you.

I want you to make your goal of living a healthier life happen.

Imagine never going on a “diet” again.

  • Imagine if “eating healthy” didn’t feel like a chore…
  • Imagine if good-for-you was exciting and delicious…
  • Imagine knowing the foods that make you feel your absolute best.
  • Imagine having more control over your cravings, having less of them, and being able to squash them like a bug.
  • Imagine craving for good-for-you foods! (Crazy as it may sound)
  • Imagine all of this and more – because it’s possible. You can make your resolution to be your healthiest you a reality that lasts all year and beyond.



Make 2018 the year of your healthiest YOU!

A 4-Week Wellness Program

to make this your healthiest year EVER...

without dieting or deprivation


Change the way you look at food, diets, cravings and more. In this total wellness program you’ll learn how to set goals that you can easily make happen and lay the foundation for an every-day healthy diet that doesn’t feel like a diet at all.

And the best part is you’ll do it with a group of people that make reaching your goal feel more like than a party and less like a struggle.

  • Set real goals. Learn how to set attainable goals that you can easily make happen.
  • Understand your body better. Figure out how to listen to your body so you know what you need to feel your best.
  • Conquer cravings. Know why you have cravings for certain foods and how to beat them.
  • Stop self sabotage. Understand why you get off track and what to do when it happens again.
In just the first week of working with Megan my skin was clearer and I had tons more energy. My moods were also more stable and I overall felt happier and more confident.

- Jennifer G.

I feel so much lighter and way more in control of my eating. Megan made me feel like this overwhelming task of changing my lifestyle was achievable. She made it simple and easy and completely changed the way I look at food and my health.

- Star C.

How does the program work?

We cram a lot of information into a short four weeks. That’s just the amount of time needed to break or make a habit. So, we dive right in with our very first kick-off call.

  • We’ll have a weekly conference call where I’ll cover something new and answer any questions you may have.
  • You’ll get a recipe book with my go-to easy weeknight meals, breakfast and lunch ideas and healthy snack list.
  • You’ll have constant support both from me and your accountability partner. This is someone else in the program (you choose or we can match you up) – who is your program BFF. This will be your person to talk, discuss, ask questions, share ideas, vent… You’ll pull each other forward along the way.
  • Each week I’ll also be sending you helpful materials related to that week’s “something new.” You’ll have a little bit of “homework” but nothing too crazy. Mostly in between calls you’ll just be focusing on eating more good-for-you foods and paying attention to your energy, digestion and how you feel overall.
  • We’re all in this together - you’ll be part of a community of people on the same mission. Through our group members-only Facebook page we’ll connect and support, inspire, motivate, and help each other - because getting healthy is a team sport.
  • Outside of our group calls you’ll have 24/7 email support and you can ask me any questions that may come up at any time. 
  • Add an optional one-on-one coaching package so we can work more closely together to focus on your unique goals and specific concerns.
  • You have my 100% commitment to your success and helping you reach that goal.
Megan has taught me to crave greens!! Through working with Megan, I learned which foods work best with my body and its digestive challenges.  She helped me to integrate these foods and cut back on the ones that don’t work as well – and it was much easier than I thought it would be! I now make better choices, feel less bloated, and so much better than I did before.

- Shannon H.

My biggest challenge was making diet changes on my own. I knew I something had to be done but I wasn’t entirely sure what. Megan walked me through it, told me exactly what to do and made the whole process easy and painless. She helped me make this a real lifestyle and I believe that’s why I’ve been able to stick with it to this day.

- Sean B.

Schedule Overview

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    Session 1: Mon., May 7, 8 p.m. CDT
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    Session 2: Mon., May 14, 8 p.m. CDT
  • check
    Session 3: Mon., May 21, 8 p.m. CDT
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    Session 4: Wed., May 30, 8 p.m. CDT

Who is this program for?

  • If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your New Year’s resolution to get healthy, lose weight, [fill in health goal here].
  • If you’re done with dieting and looking for something that lasts, isn’t work and doesn’t deprive.
  • If your cravings are out of control and keeping you from eating the way you want to be eating.
  • If you wish you could eat healthier but you’re not sure what to eat.
  • If you can’t figure out how to eat healthy without always being hungry.
  • If you want to feel more in control of your eating.
  • If you want to have more energy, lose weight, fit into your clothes better….

Registration for [RE]NEW YEAR is $195

The entire guided 4-week wellness program is available now for $195. This includes the complete program, all of your materials including the recipe book, a virtual community and group coaching from me.

Join with a friend and you’ll both save $50. When you refer a friend, you’ll both receive a discount and get the entire program for $145. You need an accountability partner… they can be your program BFF, too! (click here to get the code!)

Pay in full or take advantage of our easy payment plan. With our 3-part payment plan, you’d pay just $75 to get started – whatever’s best for you.

There’s a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee! If you start the program and, for whatever reason, it’s not right for you, I’ve included a 14-day money back guarantee.

Megan led me to figure out what healthy meant for MY body. Her unique approach is dynamic, interactive, educational and frankly, very easy to make part of your routine, which resulted in creating a truly healthy lifestyle.

- Katie S. 

Megan has a way of pointing out small, easy changes that have made a world of difference in my diet and routine as a working mom. She would see things that I couldn’t and the best part was that the changes she suggested were not stressful or too challenging and made me feel empowered.

- Kristen N.


Add a One-on-One Coaching Package to Enhance Your Results

Want to get more individual attention so you can make sure you’re achieving your goals and reaching your healthiest YOU?

When you add a one-on-one coaching package you get individual coaching session just you and me where we can dig deep and talk directly about your own specific goals, challenges, sticking points and anything else you want to focus on.

We can talk through it and trouble shoot where you might get stuck to best ensure your ultimate success for the end of the program and beyond.

Get 50-minutes to focus entirely on YOU.

Choose from:

4X (Weekly) One-on-One Coaching Sessions $500
3X (Weekly) One-on-One Coaching Sessions $400
2X (Weekly) One-on-One Coaching Sessions $275
1X (Weekly) One-on-One Coaching Sessions $150

So, are you ready to make 2018 your healthiest year EVER – with no more diets, no more deprivation?  

Are you ready to have complete control and confidence in the food choices you make every day.

Are you ready to make this the year of your healthiest YOU?


Sign Up Today!  Join the [RE]NEW YEAR Party!

Choose the [RE]NEW YEAR plan that works  best for you:

​​​​best value!

One Payment of $195

(save $30)

payment plan

Three Payments of $75


Need help or have questions?

Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or talk to you more about the program. Just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


I’ll be traveling… Can I still do the program if I have to miss a week? 

No problem! If you can’t start right away that’s OK. All of our weekly sessions will be recorded and you can listen to the replay anytime to catch up. So even if you can’t start right away on day one with the group, you can catch up when you get back and are ready to go. That’s the beauty of a virtual group, you can join from anywhere and go at your own pace. 

Are you going to make me give up ____________?

This isn’t that kind of program. I really don’t like deprivation. [RE]NEW YEAR is supposed to be fun, exciting and invigorating, and telling you you can’t have something just doesn’t fit into that picture. So, no, I’m not going to tell you can’t have something. Instead I much prefer to focus on the positive and all the good stuff we’ll be adding in. So much more enjoyable, right? 

Can I still have alcohol, caffeine, etc.?

Yes! The idea here isn’t to deprive. We will be doing exercises that help you tune into how different foods and substances make you feel and that may lead you to make different choices... It’s all in the name of getting you feeling your best, that’s what we're focused on. Not how many glasses or cups of anything you have... 

I have a conflict and can’t make it to all of the scheduled weekly conference calls. Does that mean I can’t do it?

No problem. You can definitely do the program. All of our weekly conference calls will be recorded so if you have a prior commitment or if something comes up you can always listen to the recording at your convenience. Of course there’s a benefit to being on the live call - you can ask questions and interact with the group, but you’ll still get all of the information and you’re always welcome to go at your own pace. That’s the beauty of having a virtual group - we can be flexible!  

I’m pregnant (or breastfeeding) can I still do the program?

Congratulations! And yes, this program is great for new moms! [RE]NEW YEAR is about giving yourself a healthy boost and what better time than when you’re creating (or feeding) a new life? There’s nothing restrictive or depriving about this program. It’s about creating healthy habits that last and giving your body what it needs to thrive, all in a fun and supportive way. Pregnancy, or those early days with baby, is the perfect time to focus on your own health habits because nutrition and self-care are even more important right now. Plus you'll be setting up a foundation of health for your whole family as it grows. 

Choose the [RE]NEW YEAR plan that works  best for you:

​​​​best value!

One Payment of $195

(save $30)

payment plan

Three Payments of $75