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[RE]NEW: This is Why We're So Confused...

Welcome to Week Two! In this podcast I'm gonna break down some of the factors that leave us feeling so confused and disoriented when it comes to knowing what to eat. And I give you your first assignment in taking back your own control and power over knowing what's right for you.

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The breakfast experiment

This is your first assignment in practicing to tune in and listen to your body. Follow the instructions and try having a different breakfast every day for a week. Take note of how you feel and use the data to determine the most optimal breakfast for you.

The Food Diary

Here's another tool you can use for your own personal science experiment you've got going on over there. Use the food diary to write down everything you eat and drink and take note of how you're feeling physically and emotionally. Use the data to draw connections on how different foods may be affecting the way you feel to help you better understand your own body and food choices better.