Italy has Pisa … Costa Rica has ceviche

Earlier this summer I went to Costa Rica on vacation. It was amazing. I highly recommend it. We zip lined, went deep sea fishing, white water rafting, rode horses through a river.... lots of exciting, adventurous stuff. We played, we relaxed and we ate quite well. A LOT of fish. We practically cleaned out the ocean on this trip - between the amount that we caught and how much we ate.

One of my favorites? The leaning tower of ceviche that I had for lunch (or breakfast) at the pool almost everyday. ceviche

There's a layer of mango chunks; then mahi mahi with cilantro, onion and red pepper; then avocado - with a plantain on top. Isn't it just pretty? Yum. And oh, so fresh.

I really want to try to recreate it. I found this recipe that is similar and uses scallops. I think I could give it a few tweaks to make it more like the tower. Not making any promises on the presentation though.

I'll let you know how it goes....