Want to Learn to Cook?

I came across this article on the New York Times website that’s about simplifying food and cooking. People are cooking less and less these days, but still manage to watch 35 hours of TV a week, some of which is actually of other people… cooking! We have a fascination with cooking, but when it comes to us doing it ourselves…. We say we can't. Baloney. I like this article because it makes the daunting task of cooking much simpler. If you’re out there just starting to cook or wanting to learn, don’t start with a risotto. Go with the simple, time tested staples that Mark Bittman recommends here: a stir fry, salad or good ole rice and beans. He gives an example of each and tips on how you can vary them. Start with the basics and then as you get more comfortable, experiment with new ingredients and flavors. After a few times in the kitchen, you’ll be an expert… or at least know enough to pretend to be one. The best way to learn to cook is to just getting in there and do it. And making mistakes. So burn the rice. And don't worry if you don't know how to properly chop an onion. You'll figure it out as you go. And you’ll be a better cook for it.

  • Ha! I was just making tortilla soup and couldn’t chop an onion. My roommates had to teach me. Reading this made me laugh!