Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution vs. the Lunch Lady and Pizza for Breakfast

Did you catch the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC Sunday night? I missed it, but I caught it on If you didn't see it, go get caught up before the second episode airs this Friday at 7 p.m. Central. I'll be setting my DVR. Watching this I was like a black woman in a Bible church. I may have actually shouted "Amen! "Jamie Oliver is a chef from the UK, with a mission to revolutionize school lunches and home cooking habits. He goes to Huntington, West Virginia, the #1 unhealthiest city in America based on disease and death rates, with a charge to get people to eat better. His goal is to get them to cut the processed crap and go fresh, raw, real. Amen! It's not going to be easy. When he arrives he's lambasted by radio personalities: "we don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day" and finds he's up against a fierce bunch of lunch ladies. He starts in the school cafeteria. Kids are eating pizza for breakfast, ladies are adding water to powdered chemicalized potatoes to serve with chicken nuggets for lunch, and there's lots of fresh bread and fruit being thrown in the trash. He says: "If these were my kids and I saw the crap they're eating and how much is being wasted, I'd be pissed off!" Amen!

And that's the first step to change. So watch. Get pissed off.