Is organic really better?

Researchers in London report that organic foods have no nutritional or health benefits over conventional foods. (See the journalist in me telling both sides of the story?)

I can see this … I mean, an apple, is an apple, is an apple.

If you’re only comparing the amount of fiber, calories and vitamin C in the fruit, then yes, I guess an organic and conventional apple may have the same nutrition facts. But what this study isn’t looking at is:  What else is on that apple?

That’s the important question when it comes to choosing organic versus conventional. And all the other stuff (pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, etc.) that’s on that apple – how do those things affect our overall health?

Megan Adams Brown

Megan Adams Brown, CHC, helps families find healthy routines that work, with no more “what’s for dinner?” stress, and a lot better food. Her family meal plans help moms take charge of their kitchen and their own health, leading to more vegetables and less junk all around. Megan also shares kid-approved, allergy-friendly recipes on her blog. To learn more click here.

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