He Cooks And Saves Children

I like this guy. Sam Kass is the assistant chef at the White House. In the morning he makes the Obamas breakfast omelets and in the afternoon he brainstorms with policy makers on ways to improve national school lunch programs and fight child obesity.

Quite the interesting guy, at 29 he has no formal culinary training; he just learned by doing at a restaurant in Chicago. His goal wasn't only to make food that tastes good (he's got that part down). Sam had his eye on bigger things - like the government subsidized high-fat lunches in school cafeterias.

His philosophy: “It’s got to taste good, you know? They’re not going to eat it, no matter how healthy it is, if it doesn’t taste good.”

He's an advocate for healthy eating habits. He speaks out against pesticides. And (I hear) he makes a mean chicken salad with toasted almonds.

Watch out, Ross. 😉