An N.F.L. Shaman?

Ricky Williams has turned over a new leaf. After traveling the world, getting lost at an ashram, and "feeling the healing powers of touch" following a football injury, Williams is interested in pursuing a profession in healing.

He's studying shiatsu massage and plans to get a degree in premed and then go on to do graduate work in osteopathy. According to the NYT:  "He envisions becoming something like an N.F.L. shaman, responsible to a team or players for a holistic approach — body, mind, soul — to healing."

A long way from his days as a self-proclaimed "poster child for marijuana."

Here's what he has to say about N.F.L. teams and chainging their appraoch to healing....

"I mean, it needs to happen. It needs to happen. Because when you get hurt as a football player, there’s such a huge emotional component to it. Because it’s your livelihood. It’s your job. And I’ve seen so many guys who aren’t able to get over the emotional part of it, and they weren’t able to get better, and they ended up losing their jobs."