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What’s a Wellness Coach?

A classmate passed along this article about wellness coaches and I think it's a great description of what they do. The article calls wellness coaches a mix of  a life coach, personal trainer and counselor. They're like the interpreters between the doctor who says, "you need to eat right and exercise 30 minutes a day" and the patient who hears, "yada yada yada." The coach helps realistically put those words into practice for the individual. That means providing direction, figuring out  how much they're willing to change, and taking the first baby steps with them.

It's exciting to see wellness coaches playing such an important and valuable role in healthcare. And what's more exciting is to see insurance companies covering sessions with a wellness coach for people with certain chronic conditions.

IIN, where I'm going to school, is leading the way in this new approach to healthcare, or "wellcare."

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