Health Coaching

Meet your new Healthy BFF...

Hey, that's me! Here to peer pressure you in all the good ways. 😉 

I get it. Change is hard. 

I've done it myself over and over again and one thing I've learned is having a healthy influence makes all the difference in the world. 

I've got your back. 

I'm like that little bit crazy health nutty friend that you hate to admit it, but makes you want to drink more herbal tea...

That makes you feel like hey, I could do this... and say things like: "I never thought of it that way before..." and: "you mean you can do that with almonds?!" 

Imagine yourself...

  • Waking up in the morning feeling rested, energized and ready to do all the things (even before coffee)
  • Opening the fridge to find nothing but options upon options of things to eat - all fresh, beautiful, possibly even prepped (whoa!) 
  • Feeling like a boss in the kitchen... and in life in general, because you can whip up dinner in 10 minutes flat... without needing a recipe
  • Looking back on those days when you used to crash at 3 p.m. and realizing how much more you're able to do now 
  • Making the healthy choice because that's what you want, not because it's what you're supposed to do
  • Being super in tune with your body and what it needs to thrive
  • Having super power-like intuition that guides you in what to put on your fork and in your life
  • Thinking "healthy" feels like it ain't no thing; it's just what I do

Here's how we work together...

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, schedule a consultation 
and I can customize a program that works best for you.

Let's get started, shall we?

All coaching begins with a 30 minute strategy session where we'll dig deep into what's been going on with you. By the end you'll have more clarity on what's happening in your body and know your next step forward. 

What People Are Saying...

"I didn't know I could fee this GOOD!..."

I didn’t know I could feel this GOOD! I had no clue how my habits were dragging down my energy. And I can’t believe how quickly things started to turn around when we started working together. In the first two weeks the weight just started falling off. I've lost 32 lbs now total! During a pandemic, no less, when I know otherwise I would be eating/snacking more! Your approach is just so realistic and practical, you make it feel so much easier than I thought it would be. I’m so much more aware and motivated now. I wish I’d done this 20 years ago."

- Susan S., Dallas, TX

"My skin's clearer and I have tons more energy..."

In just the first week of working with Megan my skin was clearer and I had tons more energy. My moods were also more stable and I overall felt happier and more confident. Plus I saved at least $40 on my weekly trip to the grocery store, that was a nice bonus! Before, starting this journey felt really intimidating, but Megan has a way of making it feel easy, simple and totally do-able. I highly recommend this program to anyone who’s struggled with sticking to a healthy routine."

- Jennifer G., Austin, TX

"My colitis is now in remission..."

When I got sick I knew I had to make some changes but it all felt so overwhelming. Megan walked me through it and told me exactly what to do; she made the whole process easy and painless. I feel drastically better – I have more energy and just feel better all around. My colitis is now in remission and I feel like I can start living my life again without worrying where the nearest bathroom is all the time! Megan helped me create a healthy lifestyle for myself and I believe that’s why I’ve been able to stick with it and feel great today."

- Sean B., Salt Lake City, UT

"Medicine free and healthy..."

When my toddler daughter was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis right after her second birthday I was devastated, confused and overwhelmed. Megan empowered me and gave me hope and confidence that I could help her get well. Megan's knowledge of gut health, food allergies, alternate food options, and how to get to the root of inflammation changed our daughter's life and she is now medicine free and healthy! Plus, now our whole family eats better and we're healthier too. Thank you, Megan!"

- Adrienne, R., New Orleans, LA

"The weight came off just like that..."

It was like the weight just came off without even trying. I feel so much lighter and way more in control of my eating. Megan made me feel like this overwhelming task of changing my lifestyle was achievable. She made it simple and easy and completely changed the way I look at food and my health. I just followed the program and the weight came off just like that. The best part is I have a totally new perspective that helps me make healthy choices all on my own without even thinking about it. I know that will stay with me and make me healthier for the rest of my life."

- Star C., Dallas, TX

"I'm more in control of how I feel than ever before..."

Megan has a way of pointing out small, easy changes that have made a world of difference in my diet and routine as a working mom. She would see things that I couldn’t and the best part was that the changes she suggested were not stressful or too challenging and made me feel empowered. Megan helped me make the connection between my diet and mental health and with that I’m more in control of how I feel than ever before. Now, I have a clearer head, more energy, I’m a few pounds lighter, less swollen and have a renewed mission to continue this healthy lifestyle I’ve created."

- Kristen N., Dallas, TX

"I figured out what was healthy for MY body..."

Working with Megan was one of the best things I have done for my well-being. As someone who worked a very busy full-time job in events, I struggled with a workaholic routine and finding time to take care of myself. Megan helped me create balance in my life and figure out what healthy meant for MY body. Megan got me out of my comfort zone to try new activities, foods, and start cooking more for myself to both know and control what was going into my body. Her unique approach is dynamic, interactive, educational and frankly, very easy to make part of your routine, which resulted in creating a truly healthy lifestyle."

- Katie S., Dallas, TX

"I know what foods are best for my body..."

My stomach is so much flatter! And I feel so much more in control of the way I feel because I know what foods are best for my body and what I don’t tolerate as well. Before working with Megan I struggled with digestive issues. She helped me see how certain foods were affecting my body, and with that information now I just find myself naturally making better choices. Also having Megan’s meal plans and recipes make the transition to healthier eating so much easier! I never would have believed it before, but I really do crave greens now."

- Shannon H., Dallas, TX

"I had energy to walk more than 10 miles..."

Before working with Megan I craved bread and carbs. After three sessions I didn’t even want those foods anymore. I even turned down bagels and pizza while in New York! She helped me train my body to crave foods that give me energy instead of leaving me drained. And on that NYC trip I had energy to walk more than 10 miles in one day. I’d definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s struggled with food cravings."

- Maureen A., Dallas, TX

Want to be next??

All coaching begins with a 30 minute strategy session where we'll dig deep into what's been going on with you. By the end you'll have more clarity on what's happening in your body and know your next step forward. 

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