Nutty in the Morning

My new breakfast obsession is peanut butter. On everything. I figure since I don’t eat eggs, nuts are a close second in the protein department. And I love that it actually keeps me full until lunch. Or at least 11 a.m.

I’ve discovered the all natural, self serve nut butter bar at Whole Foods. This stuff exposes Peter Pan for who he really is. This is the real deal. It doesn’t have any sugar to balance out all that nut, so on it’s own it’s a lot to handle (fair warning). But combined with an apple, or something else naturally sweet, it’s perfect.

My new favorite combo is this though … rice cake + peanut butter + banana + whatever you want. Raisins are good on top. Maybe coconut shavings? Haven’t tried it but it sounds good. I like to keep chocolate out of breakfast since it seems to sneak its way into the final act of lunch and dinner most days, but I can’t help but think of chocolate chips on top of this. Yum.

rice cake with peanut butter & banana

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